Meet Randy,

An elder in the Church of the Nazarene who has served 33 years in
the pastorate. He has also served as an adjunct professor.

Dr. Schuneman is a graduate of Drew University, Nazarene Theological Seminary and Southern
Nazarene University.

Randy is a die-hard Yankees fan who loves baseball memorabilia, lighthouses and a good story. He and his wife Bonnie now reside in Edmond, Oklahoma.




Randy teaches us all how to hand God the pieces of our heart and let him make us whole.

Randy Phillips

Founder, Phillips Craig and Dean

Sewn Together by God

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I love this book, as it speaks so intimately of how God’s love works.

Sandy Patti

Singer, Grammy Award Winning musician

Conversations with an Angel

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Conversations with an Angel (extras)

“What Did You Say?”  [PDF] Every parent awaits anxiously those first words their child speaks. Will they say, “Momma” or “Dada” first? It is actually fun until a child reaches the two-year mark. Then, they seem to focus on only one word … No!

“It’s Your Birthday, Baby Girl!” [PDF] I love the fact that I am living close enough to my family to celebrate major milestones of their children with them.

“A Hard First Day!” [PDF] I recently called a number of my favorite children who had just finished their first day of school. It was fun to hear how well things were going. It got responses that varied from, “I loved it!” to “I hated it!” The only common denominator was that all the parents had been crying. I know that feeling.

“Driven By His Wind” [PDF] The cliff divers of Mexico are quite a sight to see!

“Those Baby Blue Eyes” [PDF] The first thing anyone would have noticed about Jennie when she was a baby was the color and shape of her eyes. . . .

“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Chemo” [PDF] It is very hard to hide the fact that your child has cancer. You hate to see your child not only suffer the physical illness, but also the social rejection. The first thing we tried to hide was Jennie’s baldness. Jennie had beautiful, thick, curly hair. We had to watch it fall out in clumps. . . .

“The Shooting Gallery” [PDF] Stays in the hospital can be boring, especially if you have to be there longer than two days. There is a limit to how many electronic games a person can play or DVDs to watch. Unless you like to read, reading is not even an option. Jennie knew hospital boredom first hand. . . .

“Wayne and Fig Newt-on” [PDF] Most of the time, the pets around our house were predictable choices: cats, dogs and parakeets, things like that. However, when Jennie was in grade school, she decided she wanted a turtle. . . .

“Twelve” [PDF] I have this theory about heaven. I would suggest to you all people in heaven will be twelve-years-old. I cannot prove that statement, but it only makes sense. . . .

Sewn Together by God (extras)

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When God’s Hands Were Tiny

  When I envision the hands of God, my mind drifts back to a picture of His hands around planet Earth.  After all, didn’t we used to sing,  “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands?”  The hands of the Creator of the universe have to be large... read more

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Sewn Together by God is about 200 pages long. It’s broken up into different sections about the different ways scripture is tied together, just like the threads in Jesus’ robe. Find out all about the book right here!

Although the book has never gone out of print, I am preparing to print copies of a corrected version of the book soon. I have found renewed interest since the book is listed on Sewn Together. I misspelled some names and wanted to correct them. I will keep you aware.