A Letter from Heaven

That Beautiful Smile

Dear Mom, Dad and Bubba, I can only imagine that you were expecting this a little earlier.  Time got away from me or better said, I got away from time.  We don’t have any clocks are watches here, because we live in God’s time only.  I have never had a concern about being late to anything here.  What a relief!  I am in perfect health and able to walk or even run wherever I need to go.  I once thought that Heaven might be boring, but it is certainly not.  I get to be in the presence of Jesus all the time.  He calls me by name.  It is too marvelous to describe in words.  As much as I would like to see you all face-to-face, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere, but here.  If you could see me now, you wouldn’t want me to come back.  You would just want to join me.  I am excited about seeing you again.  Because of Jesus, we are going to have the best family “bash” ever.

I am writing to bring you up-to-date on what has been happening in my new life.  I know your hearts were breaking when I left, but that last smile was because I saw Jesus coming for me.  You know that Gammy had to come with Him.  She knew I was excited to see her again.  I heard here say, “Graaacious!” The pain I had known was completely gone.  The fears I struggled with were replaced with peace and joy.  Jesus held me close and whispered how much He loved me.  I felt Gammy’s hand in mine.  I cannot describe how amazing it was and is to have made it home.  Imagine living in a place where you are in the presence of Jesus all the time.  My world is not tainted by sin.  There is no need to fear.

When I arrived here, I couldn’t keep from dancing!  Gammy is much younger than she was. I had forgotten what it was like to see her walk.  She and I did a “holy jig.”  Jesus joined right in. He is the best dancer ever.  Of course, He created dancing, so I guess He would be amazing. I looked up and saw all of my “cancer kids” running towards me.  They were all the picture of health.  Each one hair again and their eyes were bright. They joined the dance and then I took time to hug each one of them and enjoy hearing their stories.

Jesus then took me on a personal tour of part of Heaven.  It took my breath away as I saw the beauty of my new home.  The colors are beyond brilliant.  The plants were in full bloom with the sound of the river of life providing a background sound.  Everything we need is provided here.  I must admit Heaven is different than I thought.  I wasn’t surprised by the beauty, but I always heard about mansions on a hillside.  I thought we would all go off by ourselves to enjoy our “alone time.”  Heaven isn’t about being alone.  It is about being together with people whose lives were transformed by Jesus’ love.  The stories just go on and on.  I could listen forever to different saints share how Jesus brought them to a place of salvation.  Jesus just listens and smiles.

Mom, you won’t believe the music.  We don’t have choir practice. There is a praise choir singing all the time.  We take turns singing in the choir, because we all have responsibilities as well.  About the choir, I was enjoying standing by Gammy and having our voices blend so perfectly.  Every note is on pitch and the harmony is heavenly.  Everything was great…until Mary got here.  She is enjoying her beautiful soprano voice.  The only thing is that mischief is not a sin.  We were giggling so much that Gammy had to get between us.  Mary especially likes to go up real high when she sings.  The look of amazement in her eyes just makes me laugh.  Baba now stands next to Gammy so “Saint” Mary and I get away with more things.  Baba is so happy, he doesn’t even mind our behavior.  It was surprising to me that Poppy now has a very deep voice…and curly blond hair.

There are so many other things about Heaven I would love to tell you, but let me focus on why I was really writing.  I know when I arrived here, it must have felt that I left you behind.  I didn’t.  I have been with you every day since.  Dad, remember when I told you to always speak of me in the present tense?  I am more alive than I have ever been. I am in your hearts just as you are in mine.  The grief you now experience is only temporary.  I promise.  We will be together again.  I now understand some of the answers to the questions we all had before I left there and arrived here.  I know you want to know why right now, but you will see better what God was doing when you get here.  It is natural to feel lonely; but don’t feel forsaken.  Jesus is with you every day.  He has led you through some of the most difficult times you have ever known.  He will remain faithful.

Also, don’t be angry with God.  The last thing I would ever want is for my death to be a barrier in your relationship with Christ.  I arrived at where I was planning on going.  It was a little too soon for us all, but  I am okay with it.  The desire of my life was to be used by God to influence people to accept Christ.  I would never want to draw you away from His love and plan for your life.  Jesus was with me all the way.  Sometimes, it was hard to see Him, but He was there.  Telling my story was one of the joys of my life.

Dad, I just need to warn you, there are no pulpits in Heaven.  Sorry!  You can still tell people who were pastors, because they have some of the best stories and the corniest jokes.  The slicked-back hair is also a red flag.

Mom, I know you hurt deeply, because you miss our time together.  Our relationship is so deep and strong.  It is hard for others to understand.  In those moments when you are missing me, try to think about the moment we are going to embrace again.  If you think the Rockies are great, you haven’t seen anything yet!  I still cherish those nights we had together when I was in the hospital.  Those difficult times are what brought us closer.  You were always there for me.  Now, I am always there for you.  Besides, you are busy being the best Grandma Bonnie ever!  I will see you soon.

Robb, how wonderful that you are a husband now and a father.  Sarah is beautiful!  I thought she was shy at first, but now I realize she is the perfect match for you.  By the way, I loved the dance you did with Sarah at your wedding reception.  Way to go, Bubba!  And those girls!  Not every man gets to see how beautiful his daughters are before he gets married.  I am not sure whether they have you wrapped around their fingers or you are wrapped around theirs.  Either way, I need to tell you how proud I am of how well you are loving your family.  Lydia is going to be a teenager soon. You are going to need every bit of help Jesus can give you.  Alliyah looks just like Sarah.  You two are inseparable.  I love that.  Miriam’s smile and giggle are contagious.  Tell her to let Dad catch her sometimes.  He just has an overabundance of “grandpa energy” he is wanting to use.  He is harmless.  God brought you all together for a reason.  Bubba, you are amazing!

I better go for now.  Choir practice starts soon.  I just finished working on a flower bed with Aunt Fern.  She isn’t the only one with a “green thumb.” I will see you soon!  Please know that I have been assigned as your Guardian Angel.  I will keep an eye on you all.

Love , Jennie

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