What would you do if you received a love letter from God? Would you put it on a shelf in the den? Maybe you could place it on the coffee table in the living room where everyone could notice. Would you leave it unopened because you thought it would be too hard to read?

The Bible is one continuous love letter from the very heart of God. All of the 66 books of the Bible are sewn together with hundreds of Threads, or repeated Truths. Once you are able to see them, even familiar stories become deeper and richer in their meaning. Like a symphony, with the melody line being Jesus, there is an orchestra playing in the background that gives the Bible a fuller sound.

Using the “warp and woof” pattern of the Seamless Robe of Jesus, Sewn Together by God is a primer to help identify the Threads that run from Genesis to Revelation (Warp Threads), the Threads that tie the Old Testament to the New Testament (Woof Threads) and the Threads that tie one Scripture to another Scripture (Short Threads).

  • Paperback: 246 pages 6 x 9″
  • Publisher: SonPowered Books
  • Release date: (March 28, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0692416978
  • ISBN-13: 978-0692416976

“Randy Schuneman has been a canvas for the weathering grace of God. As a pastor, writer, seer, husband and father—he has known the gentle breezes of prosperity and the harsh bitter winds of brokenness. And yet he remains faithful, steadfast and sewn together. I pray that you will allow the words of this book to seep into your soul and resurrect your hopes and dreams. Thank you Randy for teaching us all how to hand God the pieces of our heart and let him make us whole.”

– Randy Phillips, Founder of Phillips Craig and Dean

“In Sewn Together by God, Dr. Schuneman presents a fresh perspective into the depth and richness of the Bible. Using the Seamless Robe of Jesus as a word picture, Randy shows how the Bible is tied together by numerous threads. These repeated themes enable the reader to see the Bible through “new eyes.” Any reader will be blessed by the powerful message of this book.”

– Dr. Stan Toler, Bestselling author and speaker

“Whether you are an amateur or an accomplished Bible student, this book will send you excitedly back to read and enjoy the greatest “love letter” ever written on a wider and deeper level of understanding. I dare you to read Sewn Together and not want to be counted among the Bereans who ‘receive the Word with all readiness of mind and search the Scriptures daily’ (Acts 17:11).”

– Leonard Sweet, Bestselling author, professor (Drew University, George Fox University, Tabor College), and chief contributor to sermons.com

“It is not often a book has a life-changing e.ect before it is even read. For that matter, before it is ever written. Sewn Together was that kind of book for me. It has been several years ago now I was in the early stages of my ministerial studies when I met my friend Randy Schuneman for dinner in Oklahoma City. As he began to explain his passion for what would eventually .ll the pages of this book, something changed in me. Having grown up in the church learning the Bible in pieces, I had never heard anyone explain the beauty and symmetry of the absolute seamlessness of God’s Word. I’m glad the book is finally done. Just wish he hadn’t waited so long.”

– Dave Clark, Legendary lyricist, author and wordcrafter

“I heartily commend the book Sewn Together by God, by Randy Schuneman. The author writes from a background in ministry in which he has known both professional success and personal suffering. The author explains how God has sewn the Bible a ‘warp and woof’ pattern that makes it seamless.”

– Rob Staples, Professor of Theology Emeritus at Nazarene .eological Seminary, author and preacher

“What a refreshing, creative, insightful book! Randy Schuneman’s understanding of Scripture as the living, breathing Word of God and his extraordinary insight into familiar passages are evident on every page. Regardless of whether you are an interested seeker, new Christian, or ‘seasoned saint …’ this book is for you!”

– Ron Benethel, Dean, School of Theology and Christian Ministry at Point Loma Nazarene University and former President of Nazarene Theological Seminary

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